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Philips is a technology company based in Amsterdam, Netherlands with three primary divisions in consumer electronics, healthcare and lighting. Philips applied for a single brand TLD: .PHILIPS.


Philips is using sonicare.philips as a redirect to a deep link on its philips.com flagship website.


Philips is using airfryer.philips as a redirect to a deep link on its philips.de website. The deep link is http://www.philips.de/c-m-ho/kochen/airfryer-topic.html. This demonstrates the value of a brand TLD to create short, memorable URLs that also mean something to Internet users.


Philips is redirecting research.philips to http://www.philips.com/a-w/research/home.html. Another example of how the brand TLDs can help brands create short and memorable URLs that are consumer friendly.

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