178 Brand Innovators and Growing.

*NIC sites not included. A NIC site is a TLD registry requirement and therefore does not constitute a real use case.

Above is a growing showcase of active brand TLDs. Hundreds of brand TLDs have been delegated to the Internet. Many have provisioned a Network Information Center (NIC) site, such as nic.chase, nic.marriott, and nic.homedepot. This section highlights brand TLDs with newly developed web properties or as redirects to existing web pages.

Some brands have made a complete transition such as CERN and the Weir Group. Others such as BNP Paribas and Barclays have announced a transition to their brand TLDs, siting online security, brand messaging, and control as business drivers. Some such as SEAT have provisioned close to one hundred new brand TLD websites as marketing promotion sites for their car dealership network.

Whether you are in an education, ideation, a strategic development or a launch and deploy phase for your brand TLD, this showcase can bolster your knowledge of active brand TLDs around the globe.

Have you seen other active brands? Let us know and we'll add them to the showcase.

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