What are Brand TLDs?

A brand Top-Level Domain is a proprietary domain name extension located at the root of the Internet.

Examples include; .google, .nike, .bmw.

Brands will create authentic digital experiences and services such as search.google, drive.bmw or run.nike.

Active Brand TLDs

Brand TLDs being used around the world.

Brand TLD Use Cases

Four use cases and their value to brands.

The New TLD Story

A chronological history of Top Level Domains.

Brand TLD FAQs

Frequently asked questions about TLDs.

New TLD Statistics

In 2011, ICANN received 619 brand TLD applications. 1,000s more are expected to apply in subsequent rounds.

New TLD applications submitted to ICANN.

New TLD applications submitted by Google.

Brand TLD applications submitted to ICANN.

ASCII character brand TLDs who have signed registry agreements.

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